Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Review: Dragon Age: Origins

Well this time I have decided to review a game I have been playing lately again; Dragon Age: Origins. It's a RPG/Strategy game that you will be(at higher difficulties) pausing a lot to give orders to your squad. As with any Bioware game there is a lot of story and a lot of text. The dialogue options are very numerous and sometimes I feel like I am talking more than fighting(which can be good or bad)

To start you pick your character, class, and background, which is said to give you unique story openings. You then create a character and change his facial features how you like. Since I am a simple man without any creativity I made a human warrior, from a noble background with short dark hair and basic complexion and began my journey.

As far as the gameplay goes there is atually a lot of strategy involved... at higher levels. If you are like me you play on normal difficulty and go "RAWR SMASH SMASH" to most options. Oh yeah, and there is also an option to have sex/romance with 2 people of the opposite sex and 1 of the same sex. I chose to do it with Morrigan and let me tell ya, the scene was pretty hot!

Best 30 seconds of my life. Now back to the gameplay! You have the option of playing in third person view or scrolling to look in a more top down view and anywhere in between. The top down is supposed to be better for strategy but for me there's not really any strategy outside of poke everything with my sword if it looks at me funny. But on most actions you take your party will have some sort of approval or disapproval. For instance doing something nice will piss Morrigan off, but doing something nice will make Leliana happy. Depending on your party members approval rating they may get bonuses such as improved constitution, or if low enough, they may leave your party or fight you.

As far as plot development, it feels like your typical cookie cutter RPG as far as your the hero who saves everything and beds the women(or men) of your choosing. Basically you get screwed, you escape, then you get screwed some more, you escape. Then you decide to rally all of your support and kick the ass of the man who screwed you while also defeating the giant horde of monsters coming to rape you. But the dialogue is outstanding throughout. While some places feel cliché others had me laughing, some of the best dialogue happens when you have different combinations of party members and they banter with each other while you run around.
Each dialogue sequence will usually have 3 main options(with variations too sometimes) which can boil down to nice guy, neutral, and I'm going to eat meals out of your skull. I chose the last one because I'm a prick.

Overall the game is fun for the most part but if you like a lot of action it's probably not for you then because you'll most likely do more talking than playing.
The graphics are nice, the gameplay is nice, the game in general is pretty fun so I would definitely recommend it.
Overall: 8.5/10


  1. You know you're going to get teased about liking that sex scene.

  2. I agree completely. I love how they don't show a thing either. You can't even call it a sex scene hahaha

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