Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Not a review this time, but a discussion on video games.

Next review will be over Diablo II coming... tomorrow!

What is it these days with video games having such a negative connotation? I mean, look at me. I am a university student who is a math and computer science major(next semester moving on to computer engineering). I am also in the honors program of said university. I am also fairly active and in shape and have had many healthy(well sorta) relationships.. Did I mention through all of this that I have played video games fairly heavily since I was a child(longer than I care to remember)

Yet through all of this I still hear of video games getting a negative reputation. On the news I have heard of Dead Space 2 getting negative remarks about it's graphical violence and what not. I find it silly to think that children are persuaded into thinking this is real and should be imitated, and if they have a mental problem where this occurs shouldn't the parents be watching what they do? I guess that is the root of the problem though... Parents. Parents don't want to watch Jr. after work and instead allow an Xbox or Playstation babysit him while they relax. Then when they wonder why their child misbehaves they blame it on the video game instead of their own shoddy parenting. All in all, parents need to grow up and realize that video games are not a very good scapegoat when you have people like me(and most all of my friends as well) who play games all the time and maintain healthy lifestyles and GPA's in school.

I apologize for the rambling as it is late, but anyone have any comments?


  1. Very interesting and I can relate to it. Children imitate what they view (monkey see, monkey do) or more commonly known as role modeling off others.
    If they have a weak parent model in their life, they will model off what they view in games/tv ect. It's not games or TV's fault but the parents not monitoring what their child is doing.
    My mates 9 year old cousin talked his mum into getting him Black ops for fucks sake.
    I guess this is a rant inside of a rant? Sorry :)
    Oh and my credibility is I work in Child care.

  2. Ooh fun stuff! Haha. Well I do agree though, really parents need to evaluate their style before looking for a scapegoat(TV, Music, Games etc). I also agree with your monkey see monkey do concept

  3. I recently made a post, on how gamers are potentially better people. You might find it interesting.

  4. I dont understand the hype of video games causing childrens to act differently. I too have grown up with video games while being physically fit and healthy. I've played soccer for 12 years...Its got to be in the parenting. While I was playing soccer most of my friends were playing video games. They had no strive for excellence and that was because their parents had to strive. I lived the ghetto as a child, but now my parents are well off and I too have a house of my own. While a few of my friends still live with their parents. Its just a huge problem in general. It goes way beyond Video Games.

  5. That's my view on it as well. I feel like parents don't want to admit their own shortcomings and would instead prefer to blame the easy thing that can' fight back; TV/Video Games