Friday, March 11, 2011

Review: Diablo II

This time I am reviewing an old favorite; Diablo II!

To start, my apologies on not posting on time. A lot came up in a short amount of time and my review was pushed to the back. Now on to Diablo II

Most if not all of the people who are reading this have already played Diablo II. If you haven't then Diablo II is your basic dungeon delving hack and slash RPG and if you failed basic math the sequel to Diablo. Diablo II offers 5 classes(7 with the expac)

For this review I decided to do it as a Necromancer. The graphics of this game a subpar by almost any measure, but it is understandable since it is OVER a decade old(Released: June 29th 2010) for those of you who are like me and remember the day this game came out then it must make you feel pretty old. However the graphics did not destroy my experience at all. It had a lot of fun playing the game, and my army of skeletons sure made things interesting. Running around with your screen full of your own minions who do your bidding never gets old.

This game is not for those who enjoy button mashing, since 90% of your time will be *click**click**click**click**click**click**click**click**click**click**click**click*
and even more *click* You *click* to hit an enemy once(that's right no auto attack and when you have 20 enemies running at you at a time that's a lot of *click*) you *click* to move, you *click* to pick up an item you *click* to do basically anything. Maybe there are more keystrokes that I was too stupid to find but either way I clicked a lot compared to modern games. Mind you I enjoyed all of this mindless clicking as the game was *FUN* through all of this clicking I felt a sensation that I have not felt for many games these days and that was enjoyment.

The skills trees are diverse and offer a wide range of ways to play(the amount of modifiers they add per level makes it feel impossible to understand but in that good depth sort of way). I looked up a guide on the best way to play a nec(since I am an idiot with no imagination) and there were tons of methods(I chose the summoner one) and one of my favorite things is this game is not happy go lucky like modern games are with bloom coming out the ass. It's dark, it's not happy, there are people impaled on spike and you have an ability(and a bad ass one at that) as a nec that makes corpses explode in a gore bath. Basically if you invited this game over to your house for a party it would shit in the middle of your floor and have sex with your dead dog, and drink all your beer without apologizing for anything. Yet you would invite it over again even 10 years later because it is so much fun.

The one thing that pisses me off(but in a good way if that makes sense) is the inventory screen. You have a select number of squares and items will take up a various amount, you can move them around if you wish to maximize space but you can't carry everything and if you carry a billion pots then you're screwed for loot.
Really, the system makes sense though in a way. But more often then not you'll be going back to sell your junk to pick up more junk.

Speaking of junk, there is a lot of items to choose from. With so many different stats and modifiers you need a college degree to understand them all and which is better. I literally found a wand and had to compare it's 4 modifiers against my 5 and figure out which is better and why. I was constantly swapping new items and armor for the latest thing quicker than Charlie Sheen could bang that 7gram rock(yep, made CS reference) This game though will make you feel like an addict, and you'll keep coming back to it. Like an abusive relationship you just can't quit it.

The multiplayer is where this game shines though, you can have multiple people play the campaign with you and let me tell you that makes this game fun as hell. It's mostly no different than single player except monsters get harder, and you have assholes who steal your loot. So if you can find some friends then have at it.

I can't really describe this game in anything but it's fun level. The sound is bad, there's a rudimentary crafting system, if you enjoy grind and love playing forever to get max level it has that. It has multiplayer even some PvP(which I never did because they would have killed me before I could reach for my mouse) it has a shit ton of hack and slash and complex skill trees. Basically if you have bee living under the PC gaming rock or too young to even know about this game go pick it up(They still sell the damn thing in Walmart, I want to see CoD do that). It's worth your time

Graphics: Shit tier
Sound: See above
Gameplay: Addictive

Overall I would rate this game a 8/10 maybe y view was skewed by the hours I spent on it as a child, but I don't care, I love it to this day.


  1. I Still enjoy playing this game. Its just so much fun.

  2. I seem to remember my friend having this...happy days!

  3. I absolutely adore Diablo 2! What a game! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Awesome game! Followed!

  5. I played the shit out of this game lol

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  6. Blizzards programmers are geniuses. This game has surpassed the test of time, and is still to this day addicting as hell.
    The Nostalgia Corner.

  7. Blast from the past! Love this game!

  8. I have phases where i still play it for a week. (non stop for a week)^^